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Patty Sakal was an icon and breath of fresh air to all who knew her. She will not be forgotten.

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Below are some images of Patty at work and at play. If you have photos to share, see the note below.

Patty Sakal. Never Patricia.

She was one of a kind. You Can’t say her name without a chuckle. You can’t be around her and not laugh. Laughter was her best medicine....for everyone’s soul. When she started slapping her leg or the table.... you knew it was gonna be five-ten minutes before 
she ended laughing.

First and foremost Patty was a CODA. She never bragged or belittled any student or seasoned interpreter. Patty was a mentor to all. No job was too big to take on. She may have been curling her toes on the inside, but on the outside she showed pure confidence and professionalism at all times. There was never competition or attitude; only love and support. It was a privilege to be her team. Her words of encouragement after a job sounded like this, “Don’t get hung up on English. The most important thing is ‘where’s da meat.” Her feedback was constructive, honest and thoughtful with tenderness. The funny thing is she underestimated her own greatness.

She was the kind of person you could ask an ethical question because her advice was coming from a place of respect and admiration for the Deaf community. You could trust it without hesitation. 

Doing plays and concerts with Patty always became a philosophical adventure. She was more interested in ‘why’ rather than ‘what’ was being said. Working with her one minute was hysterical, the next, she was in the professional interpreter role. Interpreting was not a job to her; she loved what she did and it happened to make a living for her. She was never driven by the money.  

Outside of interpreting, her talents were endless. Her creative nature always included everyone’s perspective and would acknowledge what was said and use that to create beautiful things. She had the voice of an angel. She played guitar and drums. Going over Michele’s house she saw a new drum set. She got so excited and pulled out drum keys to tighten the drums. Her bag was better than Mary Poppins; it had everything and more. If it wasn’t in her 60 lb bag, it was in her car. She loved to cook-and was good at it. Her storytelling and impersonations made you cry from laughing.

To look at her; tiny Haole with curly red hair... but she could speak Pidgin, Filipino, Indian, Jamaican... any accent and with skill. People would be shocked.  

Patty was rarely on time. Was it Hawaiian time? Was it Deaf time? It was Probably  because “no” was not in her vocabulary. She helped anyone and everyone. She juggled many different responsibilities, it always made time for you. 

So, to describe Patty... she was the epitome of humility. A role model for interpreters. A loving, caring, honest woman with a big heart and a big love of God.

She will be profoundly missed

Shared with love from Michele Morris, Jenny Blake, and Linda Miller

If you have photos of Patty interpreting or having fun that you'd like to share, send them here and they'll be added to this gallery in memory of Patty.

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