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August 19th and 20th: Workshops by Dr. Sabrina Smith

We hope you were all able to enjoy the recent workshops by Dr. Sabrina Smith, brought to you by HRID and Hand Ninjas, LLC, with help from our generous sponsors. Please read the following message of gratitude from our chapter president, Heather Benjamin.

"A big aloha and mahalo to Dr. Sabrina Smith! Dr. Smith came to Honolulu this month to present three workshops for the Hawaii Interpreting community, and she kept us very engaged and busy!  The first workshop was filled with excellent and beneficial ASL to English practice on how to match the register and characteristic of an individual in a variety of settings and topics. This was extraordinarily helpful to all of us!  

The second workshop taught us several valuable and easy tools such as videotaping ourselves and analyzing our work. Once we learned what to look for in our product we became well equipped to continue to do this on our own time. 

And the final workshop dissected the Educational Interpreter setting to a degree that was invaluable to our Educational Interpreters. This lead to lively discussions which we will likely continue as we head into the start of the school year. In addition, much light was shed on ways to prepare for the NIC exam for those looking to become certified or striving to advance their skills.

Dr. Smith, with her many years of experience and the ability to share stories of her own trials and successes, provided us with practical and trusted tools and advice which can be used immediately.  These workshops have made a long-standing and valuable impact to both our educational and freelance interpreters. 


Heather Benjamin
Hawaii Registry of Interpreter for the Deaf, President"

Mahalo, also, to the members who were able to attend and make the workshop so special!

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